Critical On-Board Delivery Service

For your most critically important delivery needs.

When your items are too important to trust next-day air services offered by USPS, UPS or FedEx, All Around SoCal Courier provides domestic and international On-Board Delivery Service. A dedicated professional will physically accompany your package from pickup to delivery and ensure its safety.

Our messenger will take your package on board a commercial flight and when possible maintain physical contact with the item until it reaches its final destination. Unlike the USPS, UPS or FedEx, our Service is designed so that your package is handled by only one person throughout the entire process. This unbroken chain of custody allows us to offer the safest service possible for your item.

Our service is the fastest and most secure way to transport an item domestically or internationally. We can provide up-to-date tracking so that you know where your package is throughout the entire shipment. You are notified the moment the shipment has arrived and provided with an email Proof of Delivery with signature and a picture of the recipient if desired.

Please contact us at or call 310.320.6668 for more information. 

Note: The countries below in grey have visa requirements that may limit our ability to provide On-board service. Visa requirements can change unexpectedly.

Please email for more information.


Map from Wikipedia Visa Requirements Page. 

Map from Wikipedia Visa Requirements Page.