Great Op-Ed in the LA Times about LA's Poor Rainy Day Driving Habits

This one is definitely worth a quick read and we think the author, a Mr. Conor Friedersdorf, is on the money on many points. Last week we experienced several rainy days, two of which saw record rainfall in the region. On those days our drivers were witness to numerous accidents and experienced severe delays caused by the poor driving of others.

It makes one think about our system of traffic laws and posted speed limits. Are they enough or should stricter traffic laws and a tiered system of speed limits, based on current weather conditions, be implemented to help reduce traffic accidents and fatalities? 

In the very least people need to be educated on how to drive when it's raining so they understand how to avoid hydroplaning, sliding during breaking and other hazards of driving in wet conditions. In a region that is receiving less and less rain each year many of us tend to forget how to drive safely for the benefit of ourselves, our loved ones and our fellow citizens.

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