Summer Events in Los Angeles

The All Around SoCal Courier team loves summer in Los Angeles! What's not to love? The weather is great, the people are beautiful and we especially love the events. We are right in the middle of summer and if you are reading this, then this is your wake up call.  GET OUT THERE AND ENJOY YOUR CITY!!! Go to a free concert, go on a hike, hit the beach, drink some beer or wine, or be a designated driver and be responsible.

If you want to know about the great events happening all over the city then check out,,, or checkout our page on Facebook. All are jampacked with great information about neighborhood events taking place throughout our great city.

Enjoy your city, support local business and listen to local radio, especially KCRW!!!

Oh, and if you need a courier to messenger your packages around the LA region, then call us at 310.320.6668!