The Ever Increasing Importance of Last Mile Delivery

All Around SoCal Courier was founded in 1989. The differences between how our company operates today and the world we operated in 25 years ago, makes 1989 seem like more than a 100 years ago. Technology is light years ahead of what it was 25 years ago and that has completely transformed the way our company operates.

One of the biggest ways technology has changed the last mile delivery industry is the creation and continually evolving world of e-commerce.  Back in 1989 if you wanted a product you basically had three options; you could purchase your products from a brick & mortor store, you could order your products from a catalog or mail order service, or you could phone your order into a shopping channel on the television. The first option allowed one to pickup and receive their items immediately, while the other two options required some paitence. Placing an order in a catalog or television shopping network could require several weeks of waiting for your products to arrive.

Today, consumers can order their products online and in many cases receive these items in the same day. This created a whole new realm of logistics challenges and opportunities, one filled by companies like All Around SoCal Courier.

It makes one excited to think of how much technology and our industry will change and evolve over the next 25 years.