Standing Desks

I am a big fan of Fast Company and read it every day on my first coffee break sometime around 10:00am. I read this article and I started to laugh. As the title of this post explains, the article is about standing desks, and more specifically the use of standing desks in schools to combat obesity and increase attention spans. Now I am not saying that this is not a great idea, and I am not saying that I do not believe in the principal that standing desks are benneficial because I personally know that they are.  What makes me laugh is that for every person I know that uses a standing desk---and I know quite a few---I know at least 10 people that bought a standing desk and never ever use it, myself included.  I now have a collection of two standing desks that I never use; one at home and one at our Torrance office.

I wonder if the standing desk trend will ever wain like that of the yoga ball desk chair...

Maybe I will lend my standing desk to our dispatch and customer service departments to see how it impacts their work experience and efficiency.