Same-Day Delivery

This weekend I was at a BBQ in Downtown Los Angeles and an acquaintance asked me what I did.  I told her that I was in charge of marketing and sales for All Around SoCal Courier.  She then asked me whether I liked working in the courier-messenger industry.  I told her that I Thoroughly enjoyed working in the industry and for my company.  Her follow up question was why I liked it.  This made me think for a minute.  It's not a question I get asked that often and I really needed to think hard about what I found fulfilling about my current career.  After close to a minute I came up with several things that I love about working with All Around SoCal Courier and the same-day delivery industry.

Before I get into this let me start by saying that I used to work in a position for another company that required hiring courier services several times a day.  We would have projects with hard and usually very tight deadlines.  This required getting samples and approvals from our clients generally in the same-day the samples were completed.  I found that most courier services were lacking in good customer service and reliability, and I found that many of the drivers were not presentable.  I used small local services, large national companies, and everything in between, and it was always the same story.  Poor service, lack of communication and often times late deliveries.  Then I found All Around SoCal Courier and my perception of what a courier service could be changed.

I jumped at the chance when I was given the opportunity to head up All Around SoCal Courier's sales and marketing.  I did this because I enjoyed the solution-based attitude of Karen and her team.  I did it because they are locally owned and operated, and service their customers with the high level of customer service you would expect from a small business that is passionate about what they do.  I did it because they are always exploring new strategies and technologies to improve the customer's experience.

One and half years later and I could not be happier.  Our company continues to grow because of our loyal customer base and our dedicated staff.